Libraries Description License Devices
SMACK XMPP library for chatting ASL 2.0 Android
PJSIP VOIP Calling GPLv2/proprietary license Android/iOS
CSipSimple VOIP Calling GPLv3/LGPLv3 Android
Carbon Syncing all devices which are logged in with the same user account ASL 2.0 Android
Actionbarsherlock Actionbar UI across Android OS versions ASL 2.0 Android
Google Play Services In App purchase ASL 2.0 Android
GCM Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications ASL 2.0 Android
Bug Sense Collecting crash logs reports Proprietary Android/iOS
Fiksu Mobile App marketing platform LGPL Android/iOS
Google Analytics Data analytics ASL 2.0 Android
Mixpanel Data analytics ASL 2.0 Android/iOS
Open SSL SSL “Apache style” iOS
libidn XMPPFramework LGPL iOS
RHAddress Book Address book 3 clause BSD iOS
libvpx Codec 3 clause BSD iOS
x264 Codec GPL v2 Android/iOS
ffmpeg Codec GPL v2.1 iOS
OPUS Codec 3 clause BSD Android/iOS
SILK Codec 3 clause BSD Android/iOS
libyuv Codec 3 clause BSD iOS
IIViewDeck Provides left menu/view deck MIT/Expat iOS
XMPPFramework Chat 3 clause BSD iOS