Welcome To Your Best Provider of Wholesale SMS and Wholesale Voice Services

Voxox offers a comprehensive array of wholesale SMS and wholesale voice solutions, including short code and long code SMS, easy SMS API, IP termination and origination, with DIDs and toll-free numbers from over 70 countries.

Wholesale SMS Provider

SMS (Short Message Service) is a means of sending brief text messages. SMS technology can be used to serve a variety of large-scale business applications, such as financial institutions using SMS for verification purposes, or doctors sending patient reminders. As text messaging is increasing as a mainstream form of communications, so too are the possibilities for integration with your own business applications. With Voxox SMS wholesale solutions, software developers can create peer-to-peer messaging applications that integrate directly into the mobile SMS Network and companies can use our standard SMPP solutions to easily send thousands to billions of texts through our system.

VOXOX SMS API – Short Code and Long Code

Accessible through a web service API or the standard enterprise SMS protocol, SMPP, the solution includes inbound SMS delivery (mobile origination) to the US and Canada, and worldwide outbound SMS service (mobile termination) to more than 900 mobile operators in more than 190 countries. Our robust network infrastructure and long-standing partnerships with leading carriers worldwide, enable us to serve customers with throughputs as low as a few messages per month, to high-volume customers that send thousands of messages per hour.

Wholesale Voice Provider

Voxox wholesale voice solutions include IP termination and origination with offerings such as DIDs, toll free numbers, and phone number porting. Our robust network infrastructure along with long-standing partnerships with leading carriers worldwide enables Voxox to provide superior quality of service and reliability as well as highly competitive rates.

Short Call Termination Services

The short call service is a highly competitive offering geared towards outbound call centers and resellers and agents that cater to call center traffic. Customers that have their own switches can purchase Voxox SIP Trunks with the desired number of concurrent calls and simply sign a wholesale agreement to get started. Pricing options include a flat rate per minute and an NPA/ NXX option, which offers different rates for every rate center to terminate calls. The second option caters primarily to resellers interested in offering this service to their call center clients.

Wholesale VOIP Services

Voxox Service Delivery Platform, or “SDP”, is a Managed Wholesale VoIP Enablement Platform for service providers. It is ideal for ILECs, CLECs, MSOs, ITSPs, Entrepreneurial Ventures or any VoIP service provider endeavor that demands state of the art functionality, unsurpassed reliability, unmatched scalability and world class, VoIP optimized network architecture. Voxox’s SDP is the market’s only completely turnkey environment for service providers.

Origination and DID Services

Hosted through Tier 1 partners providing Voxox with one of the most reliable and extensive footprints in the industry. Origination services also include:

  • DIDs (DDIs) – offered in excess of 7,000 USA / Canada Rate Centers and over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Local Number Porting (LNP) – providing the ability to transfer phone services from the existing service provider to Voxox in the U.S. and Canada.

Toll-Free Origination Services

Toll free phone numbers are available in the U.S. and Canada. Voxox also provides toll free number porting services (RESPORGs), enabling transfers from your existing provider of toll free services to Voxox. If international toll free numbers are needed, Voxox has access to toll free numbers in over 100 countries.