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Wholesale Voice

Direct connections to global partners

Short Duration

Highly competitive rates geared towards outbound call centers

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NPA/NXX or Flat Rate

Get the pricing you need to be competitive in the global market.

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Call Center & Enterprises

With 15 years of wholesale voice experience and active FAS monitoring, VOXOX delivers the reliable carrier network you need.

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Inbound and Outbound SIP Trunks for enterprises and service providers

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Service Providers

Let VOXOX manage your LCR so you get back to focusing on growing your business.

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Network Built for VoIP 

100% of our IP and SBC backbone is owned and operated by VOXOX, hosted in Equinix and other tier 1 data centers around the globe.

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Phone Numbers

Consolidate your numbers with VOXOX and reduce your spend

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Global Coverage

Landline and mobile numbers in over 60 countries with more than 7,000 rate centers in USA and Canada alone.

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Local Number Portability (LNP)

Keep your existing numbers and move them to VOXOX to consolidate your footprint and bill.

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Calls Per Month


For over 10 years, VOXOX has routed over 1 Billion calls a month!



Fully redundant network keeps all of your calls and text flowing without interruption.


15 Years

Average employee tenure of 6.7 years ensures you are speaking with the best and most knowledgable.

Wholesale SMS

Global Connectivity with 900+ Networks


Reach customers instantly when you need to send a notification or announcement

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High quality routes

VOXOX uses only reliable routes to reduce the dreaded 'fake delivery report' and increase confidence in your SMS delivery.

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Cost effective

Purpose built for high-volume customers and 15 years of industry knowledge and partnerships, we pass the savings onto our customers.

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2-Way Messaging

Local numbers in 50+ countries enable 2-way conversations for the demanding Enterprise

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Enterprise & Mobile Apps

Enable 2-way SMS messaging for your mobile or enterprise application and stop overspending on for services that you don't use.

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Reduce your monthly bill

Behind payroll, if your Telecom bill is a at the top of the list, it's time to look at VOXOX. Consider evaluating a lean SMS and Voice platform to enable your business.

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Short Code & Toll Free

The industry standards for A2P messaging worldwide, consider a Short code or Toll-Free

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Short Codes

The standard for high quality service world wide, VOXOX offers Short Codes delivery in every market we serve.

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Toll Free Messaging

Toll-Free SMS supports your business A2P and P2P use cases and is the new standard for reliable and cost effective business messaging.

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Simple, Fast, Reliable


Integrate directly into your application with our API.

Character Support

We support all written languages and emojis.


We realize you need quick answers, find us on Skype.

100 to 100 Million

Our wholesale services are built to grow with you.

No Minimums

Grow with a partner that won't break your bank.


Enable your business to grow without borders.

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Take the first step to launching your service or finding a new partner to reduce your monthly voice and SMS bill.

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