Full Service Marketing Agency Owner Discovers More Freedom with the VoxDirect from VOXOX Automated Assistant


Catalyst is a full service marketing agency born from a network of unparalleled connections and experience. We believe in smarter marketing through stronger insights. We are built to help brands engage along the entire consumer journey.





Argyle, TX



Catalyst prides itself in having deep expertise across multiple disciplines, from branding and media relations to promotional and digital marketing. As a full-service agency, Catalyst makes it a priority to provide excellent customer support and personal interactions with clients.

Catalyst has grown into a nationwide resource for a variety of brands. By placing value on customer interactions, owner, Scott Genthner found out quickly that he needed a better phone solution than his teams cell phones and the VoxDirect from VOXOX virtual assistant solved his challenge.

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69% Of all small businesses start in someone's home on someone's cell phone. Unfortunately, that can sound unprofessional and leave company Owners feeling overworked and without a private life Of their Own. This was a challenge that Scott and his team needed to solve for. They needed a layer of separation from their clients and a phone system they could manage on their cell phones.

"l have been running my company off my cell phone but that means everyone calls my number for anything and everything. As a growing business, this has become an issue with other team members needing to engage clients and vendors."

— Scott Genthner • Catalyst Agency

catalyst agency


The features that made the difference:

  • Multiple Virtual Assistants
  • Call Routing
  • Custom Greeting
  • Inbound Fax(fororders)
  • Call Recording
  • Two-way Texting
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Business Hours Management


Winning Results:

Catalyst Agency began using VoxDirect from VOXOX phone and text services, which offered crystal clear connection and ways to separate work related calls from their personal lives. The virtual assistant and call routing features ensured clients reached the right person in the right location, without long delays or repeating their request to multiple people.

CEO, Scott Genthner expressed, "By using VoxDirect from voxox, I have now been able to change the way Our team works with vendors and clients. The automated assistant directs them to the right person and takes me out of the loop. Now I can focus on growing my company without being an operator for the office."

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