Take your customers
from hangry to happy!

VoxDirect SMS marketing for restaurants creates satisfied, loyal patrons by driving repeat business and facilitating frictionless customer relations.
text message marketing for restaurants

No one likes waiting.

Whether you’re an owner needing to contact a no-show reservation so you can make $$$ on that table, or an antsy patron on the waitlist at the hot new neighborhood joint, you want things to happen now.

With VoxDirect from VOXOX, you can...

  • Let customers know the second their table is ready.
  • Remind customers of reservations and minimize no-shows.
  • Share exclusive, time-sensitive promos and specials to drive business on your schedule.
  • Rake in new customers with tempting deals they can’t pass up.
  • Promote new dishes to shake things up and bring back old customers.
  • Coordinate seamless pickup and delivery - no more cold takeout!
text message marketing for restaurants

Satisfy those cravings, right when they hit.

With VoxDirect SMS messaging, the right text at the right time can translate into huge returns for your business!

Time is money. Stop wasting it.

With VoxDirect SMS texting for restaurants, you can manage reservations and promo alerts with ease. Spend less time worrying about empty tables, and more time making your customers happy!
text message marketing for restaurants

Have them at hello, and
bring them back with a WOW!

When you WOW a customer, they come back for more with their hungry friends and leave raving reviews! VoxDirect elevates the customer experience from the moment they check-in for their reservation to the next time they’re making dinner plans and think "WOW… let’s go to that place again."
have them at hello_final 2

It’s sooo simple to get started.

Be the bearer of good news for your clients today.