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Phone System Features


SMS Business Text Messaging

Phone System Features

Toll-free Numbers

Create and use toll-free numbers where you operate. Now you can seem BIG even if you’re a solopreneur or a small team!

Business Hours

Say hello to more work-life balance! Set your business hours so your clients know when you can receive calls.

Pause-resume Recording

Protect your callers’ sensitive information by temporarily pausing call recording as needed.


Never miss a call with our intuitive voicemail system. You can easily record customized messages to greet callers and never miss a lead- no matter what you’re doing.

Virtual Receptionist

Improve customer service with your Virtual Receptionist tool. With support in over 30 languages, you can automatically answer, route, and manage calls all over the globe!


Now that your business is growing, you'll need extensions! VOXOX provides an easy way to add extensions for all of your team members!

Call Conferencing

Collaborate with customers, team members, and more with VoxDirect’s call conferencing.

Call Recording

Easily record and review call recordings to help confirm details, monitor quality, and guide training sessions.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Take or place as many calls as you would like- at the same time- on the same phone number.

Ring Groups

Increase employee productivity and decrease customer hold time with Ring Groups! This allows you to have multiple phones ring when one number is called, making it perfect for busy teams.

Call Routing

Easily route calls for your small business with VOXOX 5G-AI enabled cloud phone system!

Phone System Features


After-Call Work

Improve customer service by making it easy for answering services and call center agents to do after call work. Stay organized with quick tagging, assigning, and note taking so everyone is on the same page!


Tag calls to give your team all the context it needs for smart decisions and smooth follow-ups.

Business Phone App for Mobile

Easily collaborate with VOXOX’s innovative and intuitive phone app. Access your SMS marketing and collaborate no matter where you are!


SMS Business Text Messaging

2-Way Messaging

Connect with your customers with 2-way messaging from VOXOX. 2-way messaging lets you instantly answer questions and help your customers with everything they need!

Drip Campaigns

Launch drip campaigns easily by sending a series of automated texts when a new contact joins your list! Automatic and customized welcome messages start your SMS relationship off on the right foot!

Schedule Texts

Easily set up cool text campaigns that leave your customers saying WOW! VoxDirect lets you set up a fun and engaging text campaign whenever you want.

Business Hours

Say hello to more work-life balance! Set your business hours so your clients know when you can receive calls.

Import Contacts

Easily import contacts from other providers, applications, and more, saving you money and effort!

Recurring Campaigns

With automated recurring campaigns, you can save time and even make sales while you sleep. Cha-ching!

Business Text Messaging

Send, receive, and manage SMS text messages between you and your contacts for easy and personalized conversations.

SMS Keywords

Trigger auto responses with SMS keywords or use SMS keywords to allow customers to easily opt-in.


Set up automated workflows to save time and easily manage customer signups, responses, questions, and more!

Text-enable Your Number

Text-enable your landline or any other number so you can easily connect with your customers without having a bunch of different numbers!


Access a library of preset templates to WOW your customers! It’s super easy and will help you manage the day-to-day of connecting with your customers!

Zapier Integrations

Saving time while increasing your productivity just got a lot easier with Zapier! Integrate VOXOX with apps such as Zendesk, WordPress, Slack, and over 3,000 other platforms to automate workflows.


Make AI work for you with our Auto-response tool that automatically receives a response based on certain keywords.

SMS Business Text Messaging