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VOXOX is a leader in Enterprise, Short-Duration, Toll-Free, and 10DLC. We deliver solutions to the largest Call-Centers, Carriers, and Resellers with AI-powered routing that helps our customers protect the consumer.

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Wholesale Carrier Voice

AI-powered anti-robocall product for short-duration voice

  • STIR/SHAKEN Compliant since 2020

  • Registered on FCC robocall mitigation database

  • Protect the consumer from unlawful calls

  • NPA/NXX and Flat Rating available

Powering Your USA and International Call-Center Needs.

Wholesale Carrier SMS

Global 1-way and 2-way routes

  • OTP and transactional messaging

  • SMPP and API interconnection

  • A2P and 2-way messaging in 70 countries

  • Direct and 1-hop connections

  • 10DLC and Toll-Free campaign registration

  • Dedicated Short-Codes in USA and Canada

USA 10DLC & Toll-Free starting at $0.0045 USA FLAT

(Carrier surcharges included in price)

Global Phone Numbers

Plug your business into Voice and SMS from over 100+ countries

  • SMS Enabled Landline, Mobile, & Toll-free Numbers

  • Broad Coverage across the United States & Canada

  • Global Footprint of DIDs spanning 100+ countries

  • Tier 1 connections

Global Voice and SMS enabled numbers, from our direct partner network.


Call Center Solutions

Power your call center with our 16 years of industry-leading short-duration products.


Bring your own carrier

Works with your existing PBX or call center software, leveraging 16 years of interconnection experience.


Custom Routing Profiles

Choose from conversational, short duration, high quality, or lowest cost routing to serve your unique needs.

Enterprise Voice SIP Trunks

Unlimited capacity, global inbound and outbound calling

  • AI-Powered Robocall blocking

  • Flexible per second billing

  • Pay only for what you use

  • Encrypt your calling with Secure SIP

Starting at $0.004/min to receive and $0.006/min to make a call.

Enterprise SMS

Set your message template, add contacts, and start messaging today

  • Turnkey enterprise messaging portal

  • Toll-Free, 10DLC and Short Codes for USA & Canada

  • API for integration into your application

  • Pay a flat, per-message rate

  • Flat Rate pricing, NO pesky SMS surcharges

From $0.0070 per SMS FLAT

NO operator surcharges, NO surprises

Reliable. Simple. Predictable.

AI-powered features that help deliver solutions to the most demanding call centers and enterprises.