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SIP Trunks and Hosted PBX

Unleash the power of VoIP in your office

Reduce your Phone and Internet Costs

Voice SIP Trunk

Enable your existing PBX or key system equipment, and take advantage of VoIP features and cost savings. PRI, RJ11 or traditional SIP trunk lines and phone numbers can easily be added or removed, VOXOX enables your business to create a more scalable solution that supports your business.

A Perfect Combo:

Certified & Affordable

Our SIP trunks are officially certified by Avaya, NEC, Mitel, Digium and 3CX to name a few. A-la-carte and affordably priced per line plans offer competitive per minute or unlimited plans.

Let VOXOX Do the Work

Hosted PBX For Office

With a Hosted PBX, only the phones are located in your office. The costs and responsibility of powering, maintaining, and supporting the phone system are covered by VOXOX and managed remotely. You only pay for the services that you need on a per user basis, and you can even lease the phones as well. Your business can rest easy knowing that you have VOXOX and 15 years of Hosted PBX experience allowing your internal technical staff to focus on other valuable projects.

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VOXOX will work with you to create the perfect plan to save your business money while providing the high powered features you expect and deserve. From free inter-office calling, voicemail to email and per minute or unlimited plans, let us work with you to create the perfect phone system for your needs and your budget.

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