The Future of Connectivity



The VOXOX AI Lab (VAIL) is a center of research excellence for our team of data scientists and tech masterminds who have spent nearly two decades analyzing billions of SMS and voice messages. The dedication to research and data analytics has led to the development of AI models that will analyze content, respond like a real person, handle daily marketing tasks, automate customer service inquiries, schedule appointments, and more.

The benefit this will have to our customers is immeasurable, including cost and overhead reduction, higher quality business outcomes, repeatable, scalable results and overall greater trust in our AI technology in the future.



VOXOX engineering and data science teams have spent years analyzing billions of text and voice messages in the effort to create a powerful suite of AI-centric solutions that will help small businesses work faster, leaner, and with better automation tools than ever.

From marketing tasks like natural responses to customer service inquires and scheduling appointments, VOXOX AI will be like having extra employees without the extra cost.


Simple Setup

VOXOX’ effective customer communications solutions combine the power and robustness of high end enterprise communications tools with the simple setup, ease of use and low costs small businesses depend on to get the job done.

With multi-lingual support and enterprise-grade connectivity in over 100 countries, VOXOX users and their customers can always connect wherever and whenever they need.


Built for 5G

5G might just be a buzzword for some, but for VOXOX, it’s pivotal to the power of our AI. It not only moves more information faster, but it also dramatically reduces latency, so communications don’t lag and interactions flow more smoothly.

VOXOX’ technology is built to leverage 5G, so our AI has the ability to take in information and respond to customers more quickly and naturally than simple automation tools.


AI-Powered Solutions

VOXOX Intelligent Assistant will give your small business the power and reach of much larger companies

SMS Automation

  • Drip marketing campaigns with optimization
  • Customer reminders/follow-ups
  • Automated support & service interactions
  • Automated escalation of “hot” prospects

Intelligent Assistant

  • Automated customer interactions
  • Automated service and quality feedback
  • Quizzes, games, and tips
  • Upsells, discounts, and offers

Customer Interaction

  • Reach customers where they are
  • Automatically answer common questions
  • Automatically setup appointments, service calls, follow-up calls, reminders, and more
  • Automatically escalate a communication to connect customers to a real person based on interest, urgency, etc.

Measure & Improve Performance

  • Track the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Automatically test for better response rates
  • Track response rates, unsubscribe rae, response delay, and recipient trends
  • Measure message effectiveness in a single campaign and as compared to a general user segment

Intelligent Assistant

The VOXOX Intelligent Assistant leverages the entire AI platform to work with customers like a real person. It can answer questions, provide information, even schedule appointments and send reminders automatically. It’s like adding a whole team that never sleeps or needs a vacation.

Features include:

  • Interactive messaging over most text and messaging platforms including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp
  • Website-enabled Chatbot with multilingual messaging
  • Simple setup and configuration with no IT expertise required

A Big Voice for Small Businesses

Smarter Solutions for Small Businesses

For more than a decade VOXOX has been helping businesses improve their customer marketing and communications through our smart, easy-to-use SMS and voice automation solutions. Now we’re taking smart to a whole new level with VOXOX AI-powered communications and messaging suite that makes reaching customers faster, easier and more effective than ever.
The one thing a small business never has enough of is smart people. The VOXOX Intelligent Assistant leverages the entire AI platform to work with customers like a real person. It’s like adding a whole team that never sleeps or needs a vacation.