Respond Faster, Close More Deals with SMS for real estate marketing!

With voice and SMS for real estate marketing, you can broaden your network, supercharge your business and facilitate a seamless buying process from the first text to that big, red SOLD sign!
sms for real estate marketing

Think BEYOND word of mouth.

Real estate is an industry that relies heavily on communication and today’s world is definitely not lacking in tools for communicating! To really grow your business, you need a powerful voice and text marketing platform that allows you to cut through the noise and reach your clients directly and instantly.

With voice automation and SMS for real estate marketing, you can...

  • Invite your clients to upcoming open houses.
  • Generate interest in new listings by texting details and photos.
  • Enable clients to easily schedule showings and ask questions.
  • Respond to potential clients FASTER than other agents.
  • Never forget to follow-up with SMS auto-responders.
  • Allow clients to text a keyword to see a specific listing.
sms for real estate marketing

Buying a new home can be stressful.

With VoxDirect, you can make the process 1000x easier.

Do it for your clients.

Did you know? SMS for real estate marketing has a 90% engagement rate.


Save yourself hours of busy work.

VoxDirect allows you to automate the mundane tasks your job requires daily. All the time you spend typing out emails, messaging clients one by one, or taking phone call inquiries could instead be fully automated so you can spend time building connections and closing deals! 

Your client’s dream home can’t wait.  

SMS for real estate marketing makes it easy to reach your clients instantly.
sms for real estate marketing

Never miss a call.

It happens all the time. While you’re busy showing a property to one client, you miss the call of a potential client. By the time you call them back, they’ve already reached out to another realtor.

With VoxDirect business phone system, you gain a white-glove concierge experience complete with unlimited virtual receptionists. That means we’ll answer your incoming calls and transfer them accordingly, so you’ll never miss an opportunity.

SMS for Real Estate Marketing + Voice Automation = WINNING 

sms for real estate marketing

It’s sooo simple to get started.

Be the bearer of good news for your clients today when you start using VoxDirect voice automation and SMS for real estate marketing.