VoxDirect Text Reminder Service

Meet your new assistant!

Take your customer service up a notch! The VoxDirect voice & SMS automation assistant comes complete with a text reminder service that is IDEAL for appointment-based businesses. Let "Voxa", the VOXOX virtual assistant, schedule appointments and manage your team more efficiently, so you can spend more time building better relationships with your client base.
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Making even the hardest jobs easier.

Whether you’re a plumber, landscaper, exterminator, or other services provider, chances are your business relies heavily on clear communication with your customers. Still… you’re no stranger to the struggle of last minute cancellations or forgotten appointments. 

With VoxDirect text reminder service, you can kiss the days of miscommunication goodbye!

  • Enable your clients to confirm or cancel appointments with a simple text
  • Send your clients appointment reminders via text
  • Contact clients directly and instantly when scheduling conflicts arise
  • Make it easier for your clients to reach you in an emergency
  • Set up virtual receptionists to manage your scheduling
  • Implement referral marketing campaigns to attract new business
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Manage Appointments with Ease.

When your day starts on one side of town and ends on the opposite, there are bound to be some challenges in between! If plans change, VoxDirect text reminder service makes it easy to send an update to your following appointments instantly. You don’t have to waste any time calling or tracking down each client, and your customers can happily go about their day knowing when to expect you! It’s a win win. 

Did you know?  The average response rate for texts is within 90 seconds of delivery! That’s why a text reminder service is the best way to ensure your clients will see your message!


No one likes waiting around.

Emergencies happen. With VoxDirect, send fast & easy SMS updates whenever your schedule changes.
Your clients will thank you.

Start using VoxDirect’s text reminder service and watch your client list multiply!

text reminder service

Go above and beyond for your clients!

When it comes to your job, you’re the expert! Go the extra mile for your clients by setting up SMS drip campaigns with our text reminder service for when they’re due for service. Build stronger client relationships and really WOW your customers by sending occasional tips, motivational messages, or links to valuable info that could help your clients.
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It’s sooo simple to get started.

Deliver your first good news message with VoxDirect voice automation and text reminder service today.