How Does VOXOX Stack Up Against Grasshopper?

Discover what makes VoxDirect the #1 Grasshopper alternative communications tool for small businesses.

Grasshopper is a legacy phone system
designed in the 2000s.

VOXOX is a modern communication platform purpose-built for small businesses and the companies that want to support their growth.

The modern customer wants modern solutions. VOXOX is an AI-centric all-in-one communications software with robust text and talk features to empower small business owners to connect with their customers in a way that meets their preferences – and that’s texting!

SMS marketing has become one of the most effective, revenue-driving ways to communicate with customers with engagement rates over 90%! With Grasshopper, you’re limited to legacy phone features and blast text messages that don’t give you more freedom over your contact lists and marketing efforts.

Industry-leading 5G-AI Technology

While VOXOX is a modern technology company, we’re not new to the world of telecommunication. With over 15+ years experience and a legacy telco pedigree with thousands of proven SIP/SMPP integrations, and billions of calls and texts processed monthly, VOXOX is also leading the industry as an innovator in 5G-AI powered communication solutions.

Now VOXOX customers can experience done-for-you campaigns and data analytics that help automate the things business owners either have to staff for or that take up much-needed time and energy that could be focused on other critical business activities.

Why Grasshopper Customers Make the Switch to VOXOX

After surveying our former Grasshopper customers about why they made the move to VOXOX, the response was the same across the board. Common complaints primarily involved the limitations in voice and SMS marketing features, as well as the outdated user experience that often hindered their efficiency and productivity. VOXOX’s all-in-one communication platform with both SMS and voice automation offered a more modern solution best fit for small businesses on the rise.
Kimberly J. Krueger
Author, Founder
The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women

“VOXOX gave me back my cell phone for personal use! Now I can separate business texts from personal texts which gives me the freedom to be 'off duty' more often. As an entrepreneur, that is gold! And they did it at no charge! VOXOX truly serves business owners and it comes through loud and clear. I recommend them to everyone!”

Scott Genthner
Catalyst Agency

“I have been running my company off my cell phone and everyone calls my number for anything and everything. As a growing business, this has become an issue with other team members needing to engage clients and vendors. By using VOXOX, I have now been able to change the way the team works with vendors and clients. The automated assistant directs them to the right person and takes me out of the loop. Now I can focus on growing my business without being an operator for the office!”

Patti Moring
La Casella Catering

“I no longer have to give out a cell phone number to run my professional catering business and texting allows me to quickly communicate and promote our services. Just adding one new customer using VOXOX led to dozens of new orders, and that multiplied into dozens of more new customers!”

Thousands of Integrations

One of the key differences that makes VOXOX an obvious choice over Grasshopper is the ability to integrate with a number of popular software that you already use! With Zapier integration, VOXOX customers can automate the entire customer journey with over 2,000 integration possibilities.


VoxDirect v.s. Grasshopper

SMS Marketing

  • More than just blast texting
    With VoxDirect robust SMS marketing features, small businesses can take it a step further than simply sending automated mass texts to their audience. Automate every step of the client experience with drip campaigns, text templates, and unlimited keywords with more AI-centric features soon to be released.
  • Purpose-Built for On-the-Go Remote Work
    Features like done-for-you automated text marketing campaigns and SMS templates grant small business owners the freedom to save time and money by setting up their customer follow-up sequence and letting the system do the work.
  • Unlimited 1-to-1 Texting for Competitive Pricing
    Create powerful messaging with every SMS campaign without the limitations of extra costs or restricted character counts.
  • White-Glove Customer Support
    VOXOX is dedicated to ensuring success for our customers. We take a hands-on approach to guarantee our customers see success right away with our platform. That’s why we offer each new customer an in-depth 1-on-1 demo and free trial to help you make the most out of every feature.

Voice Automation

  • Advanced voice automation features for an elevated customer experience
    VOXOX is more than a professional business phone system. Advanced features including VR automation for SMS reply and list building give small business owners more control over their contacts and engagement.
  • Never miss a call with virtual receptionists included with every pricing plan
    VoxDirect offers customers virtual receptionists with every pricing package. In contrast, Grasshopper only offers their virtual receptionist as an add-on feature for an extra cost.
  • Unlimited calling at competitive pricing
    With VoxDirect, you gain unlimited calling at every price point, so you can focus on engaging with your customers and never worry about going over your minutes.
  • Purpose-built for streamlining teamwork
    VOXOX enables small business teams to call and text from a single number to streamline efforts and avoid confusion caused by multiple phone numbers.

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