Voice Automation & Mass Texting Service for Nonprofits

Be the source of REAL change with REAL engagement! VoxDirect voice automation and mass texting service for nonprofits enables you to build a strong community of supporters, run your mission with efficiency and keep donors, volunteers and the people you service informed – all on one easy-to-use platform!

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VoxDirect makes it easy to make a difference.

Nonprofits may have different missions or provide different services, but they share one thing in common: the need for reliable, authentic communication with their teams and supporters. VoxDirect voice and mass texting service for nonprofits enables organizers to connect with the communities that need them most and sustain a continuous flow of support!
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With VoxDirect business phone system and mass texting service for nonprofits, it’s easy to….
  • Set up a 24-hour hotline
  • Route calls to team leaders
  • Save money and overheard by using virtual receptionists
  • Keep your volunteers, donors & community informed with mass messaging
  • Set up reminders to notify your network about upcoming volunteer opportunities
  • Encourage more volunteer signups with “text-to-win” campaigns
  • Make donating simple with “text-to-donate” keyword campaigns
  • Allow people to text to sign up or opt-in to your program
  • Use surveys to gain helpful feedback from your community

Changing the world is hard work.
Your communication doesn’t have to be.

VoxDirect keeps it super simple with voice automation and mass texting service for nonprofits.

Spread your message to thousands -
in seconds.

SMS marketing & nonprofits are meant for each other! Reach more people instantly and directly with our mass texting service for nonprofits to build awareness about your foundation, inspire others to support your cause and extend your services to the people who really need them!

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Keep it professional,
while keeping it on budget.

We get it. As a nonprofit, you rely on establishing the right kind of image to attract the right kind of support. But with the majority of your budget going towards your mission, you’re limited in resources to invest in fancy technology or hiring extra help. 

In addition to our mass texting service for nonprofits, VoxDirect can help you maintain a level of professionalism with your very own virtual business phone system. Our voice features include virtual receptionists, call forwarding, multiple extensions and more to help you sound like a big deal without paying the big costs.

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It’s sooo simple to get started.

Deliver your first good news message with VoxDirect mass texting service for nonprofits today.