Be the WOW moment in your customers’ day!

Our voice and text marketing software is a one-stop shop for retailers to wow their customers with great deals, discounts, and promotions delivered directly to their inboxes.
text message marketing for retail

Answering an age-old question.

What do your customers want?

Today, your customers don’t want to be bombarded with spam emails, solicitation calls or paper brochures that harm the planet. They want to opt-in to receive awesome deals conveniently delivered straight to their mobile phones from their favorite brands!

With VoxDirect from VOXOX, you can…

  • Spread the word when a new product launches!
  • Let your loyal customers know when an item comes back in stock.
  • Share product photos, mobile coupons & promo codes to WOW your customers.
  • Send limited time offers to generate immediate traffic and conversions.
  • Provide receipts, tracking details and other transactional info.
  • Enable customers to ask questions and find the help they need.
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Handle transactions with ease.

From receipts and delivery updates to post-order inquiries and returns, VoxDirect gives retailers the ability to manage all transactions efficiently and professionally.

We’ll take the calls, you call the shots!

Set up your own virtual business phone complete with VOXOX receptionists to take your customer support calls!


Grow your brand from the palm of your hand.

All you need is the phone you’re probably reading this on right now! Connect with customers, manage your team, and run your business like a pro with VoxDirect all-in-one communications platform.

text message marketing for retail

What do pop songs and your customers have in common?
They repeat.

With voice and text message marketing, you can surprise your customers with random acts of kindness that leave ‘em saying WOW and keep ‘em coming back for more!

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It’s sooo simple to get started.

Be the WOW moment that brightens your customers’ day!