VOXOX or RingCentral?
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How does VOXOX stack up against RingCentral?

Discover why VoxDirect is the #1 RingCentral Alternative for Small Business.

You don’t have to settle for outdated onboarding and legacy-style phone systems when VoxDirect is giving small businesses a big voice with 5G-AI powered communications.

No More Hidden Fees and Limitations

VoxDirect is a feature-rich cloud-based business phone system built specifically for startups, small businesses and individuals. While RingCentral has a plethora of add-ons that can drive cost up, VoxDirect has the same business phone features small businesses need, but with a modern user experience and at a lower cost. Plus, only VoxDirect offers SMS marketing and AI automation on one, easy-to-use app.

Modern User Experience

Users have described RingCentral as an antiquated system built for legacy enterprises. Though feature-rich, RingCentral can be difficult to use, especially for those without IT experience. VoxDirect was created with modern small business owners in mind so it is very easy to use and the no-touch online onboarding can be done in three minutes or less.
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Why RingCentral Customers Make the Move to VOXOX

When we surveyed our former RingCentral customers and asked why they have chosen VOXOX, their responses continue to point back to simplicity of having both voice and text on one platform, automation, and the ability to pay as you go and not get distracted by all the unnecessary bells and whistles.
Donna Schwartz
Matrix Entrepreneur Academy

“I was so excited during VOXOX’ onboarding process when I realized the simplicity of setting up the system for the phone system. I remember spending hours setting up RingCentral for my husband’s business. All phone messages had to be recorded in our voices by each individual who had an extension—a message for daytime, another for nights and weekends, etc. I had to read the instructions over and over to make sure I was doing it right and even then it often didn’t work correctly and one of us would have to contact tech support for another hour and maybe, just maybe, it would work the way we wanted it to. There was no option for sending a text or giving any information other than verbally. VOXOX has so many more features. The system is amazing!”

Ruby Benoit
Craft Good Business

“I used to use RingCentral for my business and they were horrible. There were numerous calls and dropped and recordings didn’t work all the time. As a growing business, this has become an issue and I needed to work with a company that is reliable. I was so happy to find VOXOX since I am now able to engage with clients and vendors with confidence knowing that my calls won’t be dropped and I can successfully record them when needed. I am so thankful for VOXOX and their technology!”

Leda Perez
LPC Partnerships, LLC

“I started my home business to be able to work on what I love to do. Joining VOXOX over a year ago has provided something more important: time with family and friends. VOXOX has made communication and connection seamless, easy, and it has provided a greater response rate. I believe these tools are necessary for any business looking for successful use of time.”

Unrivaled Integrations

VOXOX solutions integrate seamlessly with numerous cloud service providers including AWS, Oracle or customer virtual machines with Voxox software in your own data center. And with the Zapier integration, you can now automate your entire customer journey with over 2,000 integration possibilities.


VOXOX Certified Partnerships

VOXOX white-label solutions and certified agency partnerships lead the industry in delivering AI-secured and cloud communications.

  • No touch set-up for the operating partner
  • Fast, simple and doesn’t require IP phones
  • Analytics tools and applied AI for efficiency
  • Unequaled Cloud PBX and sophisticated text marketing platform

VoxDirect vs RingCentral

SMS Marketing

  • More text features for a better customer experience
    VoxDirect provides small businesses with more automated text marketing features, such as drip campaigns, text templates, and keyword segmentation.
  • “Work from anywhere” guarantee
    With set-it-and-forget-it SMS campaigns, you can work on the go. VoxDirect gives business owners more freedom to work when they want & where they want.
  • Unparalleled customer support
    VOXOX goes above and beyond for our customers. This includes thinking ahead and providing pre-built text templates, so our customers can get started right away with a successful campaign.

Voice Automation

  • More voice automation features for enhanced customer journey
    VoxDirect offers additional capabilities including VR automation for SMS reply and list building.
  • Priced with the small business in mind
    VoxDirect offers both voice and text automation in one platform to give small business owners a one-stop solution that is affordable and easy to use.
  • Created for remote and mobile workers
    VoxDirect was designed as a mobile first solution to allow business owners to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Designed for improved scalability and marketing proficiency
    VoxDirect was built with scalability and growth in mind. Unique features such as the list builder allows users to segment their contact lists and create more effective campaigns.
  • Set business hours
    Add business hours so after-hour calls go to a dedicated after-hours voice greeting.
  • Streamline incoming calls
    Never miss a call again with the VOXOX virtual receptionist and call forwarding options
  • Set business hours
    Add business hours so after-hour calls go to a dedicated after-hours voice greeting.
  • Work together as a team
    VOXOX allows your team to call and text from a single number

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