Motorcycle Dealership, Eagle Powersports, uses VoxDirect from VOXOX to Sound Larger and Operate Smoother than a Typical Start-Up Business.


Eagle Powersports, a motorcycle dealership, with the purpose Of providing customers with a high-quality pre-owned bike selection while reducing the wasted costs involved in buying new.

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Phoenix, AZ

eagle powersports

A Closer Look:

Eagle Powersports provides a broad selection of high-quality motorcycles. Most of the bikes have been purchased through dealer only auctions or bank repossessions, which means the motorcycles have very little wear. The team carefully hand-selects the bikes they sell to make sure customers are getting a great bike at a low cost. Some bikes even include the factory warranty, which can offer further peace of mind. Each bike has undergone a comprehensive inspection and had any issues repaired before it is made available for sale. Furthermore, each motorcycle comes with a clean, clear title and will never be sold with a salvaged or rebuilt title.

eagle powersports

How VoxDirect from VOXOX Made a Difference:

As a start-up, Eagle Powersports has limited staff and resources to work with, but desires to always sound professional, capable, and ready to meet the needs of potential and loyal customers. Eric and his staff were using their personal cell phones to operate their business, which infringed on their daily lives after business hours and did not offer the professional impression they were after.

The company needed a complete virtual phone system that could improve their professional image and communication with customers. The phone and text services of VoxDirect from VOXOX was the perfect solution. The virtual assistant took care Of directing calls to the right person and gave customers confidence that Eric and his team were capable and on top of business.

"Having the VoxDirect from VOXOX virtual assistant has helped my new motorcycle dealership sound professional and much larger than a start-up business."

- Eric Green
Owner, Eagle Powersports

eagle powersports

Application of VoxDirect from VOXOX Features:

VoxDirect from VOXOX allows Eagle Powersports to sound much larger and more professional than the typical startup. The staff are able to focus on sales, customers, and other important tasks because the complete phone system includes features such as: multiple virtual assistants, toll-free hotline number, call routing, and a custom phone greeting. Eric is excited to launch his first blast text marketing campaign and his team is thrilled that they will not have to be glued to their phones in order to execute it!


All Features of this "Must Have" Phone & Text System Include:

  • Multiple Virtual Assistants
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Toll-free Hotline Number
  • Custom Phone Greeting
  • Two-way Texting
  • Business Hour Management

Reimagine your Phone’s Possibilities.

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