Non-profit Organization, EMwomen, Uses VoxDirect from VOXOX's Unifed Platform to Create Better Connections with Volunteers

ABOUT EMwomen:

EMwomen (Empowering Women), is a 501-C3 non-profit organization that rescues and restores women and girls overcoming abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and sexual exploitation.

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Frisco, TX


A Closer Look:

EMwomen provides proven, life-transformation programs, retreats, skills training classes, housing, and counseling that offer deep and lasting freedom for women and girls in great need. EMwomen mobilizes volunteers and donors to take an active role as advocates, mentors and trained facilitators. In addition to the programs, EMwomen needed to add a toll-free hotline for girls needing help 24-hours a day as well as having virtual assistants and the ability to send SMS message to their donors and volunteers. EMwomen found the VoxDirect from VOXOX unified communications platform a beneficial solution to their outreach needs.


How VoxDirect from VOXOX Made a Difference:

Non-profit organizations are largely dependent on the help of volunteers and donors for financial and operational success. EMwomen leaders were finding that email efforts were slowly becoming ineffective as an outreach tool to reach their supporters. Additionally, the growing landscape Of unemployment, anxiety, and fear, domestic violence has increased, creating a greater need for a hotline to help those women in compromised situations.

By using VoxDirect from VOXOX, EMwomen has been able to provide information and resources to those who need it most. They can send mass texts with events, donation campaigns, and locations for drop-offs or meet-ups. The organization is also able to easily communicate with their team Of volunteers and donors. The toll-free hotline allows those in need to call and receive the help they need and the virtual assistant makes sure they get in touch with the right person.

"We found that our email campaigns were not getting the opens that they used to, due to inboxes flooded with noise and excessive spam-like messaging. We needed a solution that would give us greater engagements and instant connection with our volunteers and donors, but we also needed a phone system that allowed us to work from anywhere and keep our professional image."

- Staci Wallace
Founder, EMwomen


Application of VoxDirect from VOXOX Features:

Founder, Staci Wallace, explains, "VoxDirect from VOXOX saved us the equivalent of a full-time hire in an all-in-one solution that solved for our need to offer a toll-free hotline, custom greeting, virtual assistants, call routing, and it also provided a text messaging system that gave us 300% better open rate than emails." She goes on to state that her team has successfully implemented multiple features within the VoxDirect small business solution from VOXOX. She details, "We looked at competitors but none offered the "all-in-one" solution for both text and phone solutions. it would have cost us over $450 to get all of these features in one, easy-to-use platform."


All Features of this "Must Have" Phone & Text System Include:

  • Multiple Virtual Assistants
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Toll-free Hotline Number
  • Custom Phone Greeting
  • Two-way Texting
  • Business Hour Management

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