La Casella Catering Multiples Its Customer Base with SMS Marketing and Campaigns


La Casella Catering offers catering services for small and large event gatherings. Services include meal prep, personal chef services, event planning, and more. La Casella provides in-home chef services where they fill the fridge with delicious meals and even teach some of their secret recipes.

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Ocala, FL


Chef Patti Moring loves giving her clients a food experience they will never forget. Throughout the years, she has created healthy, customized dining experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisine with service that is unparalleled. La Casella Catering offers everything needed to run an event smoothly.

In addition to delivery, food prep, and running the event, La Casella Catering customizes its menu to fit each customer's taste and budget. To stay in touch with her clients and be readily available, Chef Patti needed a great virtual phone system and a done-for-you text marketing platform.

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The Challenge:

"l needed a better way to connect with my customers."

Patti Moring is passionate about providing customized service to each client and needed an easy way to manage the communication process with her customers. From booking the event to planning the menu and arranging the set up, Patti wanted to have a user-friendly system that did not involve giving out personal cell phone numbers or endless email threads.

"We needed a way to quickly communicate with our clients and most of them would prefer communicating by text instead of calls or emails. Quality and excellence are also a major part of our business and having a professional phone system with custom greetings gives us the image we need."

- Patti Moring, Owner,
La Casella Catering

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These are the features that made the difference:

  • Multiple Virtual Assistants
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Toll-free Hotline Number
  • Custom Phone Greeting
  • Two-way Texting
  • Business Hour Management


Winning Results

By using VoxDirect from VOXOX, Patti Moring was able to achieve quick and consistent communication with clients without having to give out her personal cell phone number. The smooth experience has led to dozens Of referrals and new events. The text feature allows her to efficiently share new updates, business hours, and services to her contacts. La Casella Catering specifically benefited from the multiple virtual assistants, call routing, call recording, text message marketing, custom phone greeting, two-way texting, and business hour management.

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