Marketing and Virtual Assistants to Become the #1 Pancake House in San Diego, CA


Ricardo has a successful, family-owned restaurant business in San Diego, CA. He is an immigrant from Mexico and, like his customers, he is both English and Spanish speaking. He started with one shop in the South County but has since expanded nationally.

ricardos pancake house




San Diego,CA

ricardos pancake house

A Closer Look:

As the business grew, Ricardo was dissatisfied with his subscriptions to three fixed land lines through the telelphone company, each with a different area code due to their geographical locations. Ricardo wanted to modernize and streamline his business communications and chose VOXOX's new VoxDirect offering for phone and text marketing. By replacing the phone company's fixed line service, he saved 75% Of his monthly telephone bill and added many new critical features and capabilities. The choice to use VoxDirect from VOXOX services saved his business during the pandemic.

ricardos pancake house

How VoxDirect from VOXOX Made a Difference:

With VoxDirect from VOXOX, Ricardo got a single toll-ree 800 number for all Of his three shops, with two virtual receptionists, and ten extensions for just $139 a month. His sign-up process was done online without having to call the phone company and he was able to configure all the options himself, without any help.

Ricardo set up his first virtual receptionist to answer the calls in two languages and instructed callers to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. From there, the calls were automatically routed to the second virtual receptionist which gave the 1, 2, 3 options for the three restaurant locations in San Diego County.

"Communicating quickly and effectively with my staff, customers, and investors has never been easier! I can set up multiple functions in minutes and feel confident everyone can get the information they need without having to personally talk to or text each person."

- Ricardo Walker-Gonzales
Founder, Ricardo's Pancake House

ricardos pancake house

Application of VoxDirect from VOXOX Features:

Ricardo's Pancake House wanted to use one number for all of his shop locations. He set up his primary number to routed the calls to the managers cell phones of each shop. (Press 1 for our San Diego location, Press 2 for our LA location, Press 3 for Ricardo, etc, ) Calls outside Of business hours would be programmed to go to voicemail. Business hours were easily changed through the menu options and recordings could easily be customized. This feature was vital when the shop closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the unique text message marketing capability, Ricardo could send blast messages to all Of his Customers advising them Of special offers, business closure, re-opening, business hours, delivery Options, etc. He saw a huge increase in the open rate compared to the email campaigns he had previously tried.

Through the downloadable app, and it's crystal clear quality, Ricardo could also call the family in Mexico or anyone in the world much cheaper than with using Skype. This add-on feature saved Ricardo huge amounts of money in international calling.

This was extremely helpful when Ricardo's Old family recipe was smudged and he needed his Grandmother to help him recreate it. Ricardo considers the VoxDirect from VOXOX features a game changer for his business and continues to share his success with other shop owners and entrepreneurs too!


All Features of this "Must Have" Phone & Text System Include:

  • Multiple Virtual Assistants
  • Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Text Message Marketing
  • Toll-free Hotline Number
  • Custom Phone Greeting
  • Two-way Texting
  • Business Hour Management

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