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Automation: Working Smarter Not Harder [Part 2 of 2]

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PART 2 of 2 — Listen to PART 1 here

Building a life & business you love no longer requires heavy costs or long hours. Voice & text communications have come a long way in the world of business technology & now they’re even more automated. Businesses of all industries are now using automation to communicate more effectively with customers, get better responses, drive engagement, and save time & money. Check out part 2 of this episode with our very own Bob Hertz, the CIO & Co-founder of VOXOX!

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About the Guest

Bob has 50+ years of technological, spiritual, and entrepreneurial endeavors, specializing in leading-edge technologies, scalable Software Solution Developments, Computer Architectures & Software Development, Communications, E-commerce, Small-Medium Business Startups, Textiles, Banking & Securities Trading, Robotics, Pediatric Cardiology, AI & Man-Machine interfaces, Cradle-to-Grave Scalable Automation Solutions, Complementary/Alternative Energy-based Medicine & Energy based Psychology, as well as Subtle Energy Research. Bob also mentors small and medium-sized business startups.

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