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From Bullied to Billions

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About the Episode

Nick was cornered by a gang of bullies as an 11-year-old boy on a family vacation. They teased him and picked on him for his size—weighing in at over 260lbs. Despite his efforts to defend himself, they beat him up so badly that he was rushed to the hospital. 

Nick lived for years in captivating fear leading up to this traumatic moment. He would hide away during recess and lunch on school days by locking himself in the bathroom to avoid interactions with malicious peers. 

As a 2-year-old, Nick’s family began to break apart. His father left his mother and put his family through a painful divorce. It was then that he turned to food as a form of comfort, medicating the pain he was experiencing as a young boy in a fractured home. 

But it was that experience, a moment most can’t imagine living through, that became the fuel for Nick’s comeback. He vowed never to be powerless against hurtful people again and began studying martial arts, diving into the world of fitness, and focusing on his health. 

Fast forward: now Nick Bradley stands on a pedigree of success and achievement others only dream of. After 24 successful exits, the most recent one valued at $2.3 billion, Nick looks back to the event as a brutalized pre-teen boy with gratitude. 

How did Nick go from setback to comeback? Listen to the full episode to find out…

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About the Guest

Nick Bradley is a world-renowned business growth expert, who works with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors, transforming good companies into great ones. Over the last decade, he has built, bought, and sold 22 businesses with a combined valuation of $5.2 billion dollars. He also works with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms across the UK and the US leading business turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and scale-ups. He is also the co-founder of The Fielding Group, a growth accelerator that helps companies improve business performance – in order for entrepreneurs to create freedom, build wealth, and live life without limits. Originally from Australia, Nick is a dedicated family man who has a strong background in physical fitness, having completed 67 marathons and 24 ultra-marathons worldwide. He is also a qualified personal trainer and performance coach. He is absolutely committed to personal growth and becoming the best version of himself ... and inspiring others to achieve the same. His mission is to help create empires, bringing entrepreneurial skills and mindset to people all over the world as a driving force of progression and prosperity.

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In each episode, Staci sits down with notable business leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to discuss how they have turned adversity into epic comeback stories that enabled them to build a life and business they love.