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How To Shape Your Own Reality

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About the Episode

After 8 months of agony, Dr. Vic Manzo was physically and emotionally exhausted from the pain in his back and body. Every day seemed to get worse until desperation moved Dr. Vic into action. Without changing anything except for adding in regular chiropractic adjustments, he found himself in the best shape of his life after only 4 months. It wasn’t the doctor that changed his life, it was the way he viewed his dark reality that helped let in the light. Need a mindset reset on the challenges in your life? Listen to this episode with Dr. Vic Manzo!

About the Guest

“For myself, I am not a guy who started off life in a calm, peaceful mindset.  I was the total opposite.  I was an off-the-wall, high-stress, anxious type of individual who could never calm my mind down and be distracted by many things life offers.  When I saw someone calm, balanced, and successful, I thought it was a talent they had.

When I finished Chiropractic school, I thought I would have felt a sense of accomplishment, but I didn't.  When I started my business and had it off the ground running, I didn't feel accomplished.  When I started receiving prestigious awards, I still felt an emptiness within and not accomplished. I always felt I needed to do more.

Then, I started focusing on mindfulness, appreciation, and getting myself centered. I wasn't worried anymore about what I didn't complete in a day but instead, started to slow down.  I started doing less. Once I embraced this process (it took a while), my life started to flourish.  Everything in my life started to expand, grow and evolve to where I wanted it to go.  Not only did I see financial growth but in other areas of my life also.

My relationship with my wife dramatically improved.  My headspace became clear, on purpose and in flow.  My health started to improve to where I could take on any challenges with ease.  I had a balanced life and felt happier overall.

This is where Empower Your Reality evolved to be. Since I have changed my life around and still breaking records each year in business at the same time expanding all areas of my life,  I see many individuals and entrepreneurs do the opposite.

They focus on all the doing they need to do but forget about the BEING aspect. The BEING is where your success derives from.”

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About The Comeback Show

In each episode, Staci sits down with notable business leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to discuss how they have turned adversity into epic comeback stories that enabled them to build a life and business they love.