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Should Your Business Adopt Artificial Intelligence

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From martial arts instructor to artificial intelligence expert — Daniel Faggella has a unique perspective on the adaptation it takes to succeed in business and life. Now, his company fuels the move for global enterprises & organizations to step into the powerful uses of A.I. Artificial intelligence is an inevitable future, but how does it play out for you and your business? How will A.I. impact the future of your organization? Learn more thru the expertise of Daniel Faggella in this episode with Staci Wallace!

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About the Guest

Daniel Faggella is CEO / Founder at Emerj AI Research, a research and advisory firm that helps global organizations develop powerful AI strategies. Emerj specialized in mapping the landscape of AI capabilities and determining the critical trends that matter most in critical sectors, including healthcare, finance, and defense. Daniel conducts cutting-edge AI market research for clients like the World Bank, global pharmaceutical firms, and more.

"Eight years ago I was a martial arts instructor in a small town. Today, I help global enterprises and thousands of vendor companies to see an ROI from their artificial intelligence investments. I discovered artificial intelligence while studying cognitive science for my graduate degree at UPENN, and become convinced of the inevitable and massive impact of the technology. As someone who doesn't write code, I started Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research to simplify the business value of AI for other non-technical leaders, by providing use-cases, trend analysis, and best practices with a focus on the bottom line."

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