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The Impact of STIR/SHAKEN on the World

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About the Episode

Ever received a phone call from a robot? A scammer? More than 150 million robocalls are made every day, and it’s a big problem affecting every person and industry on the planet. Fortunately, there’s a new global initiative to change things called “STIR/SHAKEN”. In this episode, Somos panelist and VOXOX Systems Architect, Calvin Ellison, takes us on a deep dive into the changing landscape of phone calls. STIR/SHAKEN is an attempt to fix and restore trust in calls happening around the world. Want to hear what STIR/SHAKEN is and how it will affect your life and business? Listen to this chat with Calvin and Staci Wallace!

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About the Guest

Calvin Ellison is a Telecommunications industry leader and Systems Architect for VOXOX, a leader in 5G/AI cloud communications. With a rich background in customer success and technical support for dial-up and high-speed data Internet services, Calvin works diligently to ensure VOXOX and its partners take every step needed to protect end-users from illegal spam and scam calls. He has acted as an advocate internally for the KYC (Know Your Customer) philosophy, ensuring VOXOX takes proactive responsibility for the traffic sent to the world. His passion for technology and near-obsession with fair play, matched with his unimpeachable moral code, is a rare find in any industry. Calvin is among VOXOX’ most technical resources and performs at a high level of cross-functional efficiency in many roles internally, including technical ownership of the VOXOX wholesale voice platform and the infrastructure that supports it.

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